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Metal Leaf Story

A "Non-discoloration Paper" using leaf has been created as a Japanese traditional craft method.
We offer this with new materials and decoration technology based on a unique technology.
Offering new creation of interiors and products more cultural and modern.

Japanese Silk Story

It is a backing of Echizen Japanese Paper to 100% silk woven fabric. From silk dyeing to lamination, finishing processing are consistently done by hand.


Textile Story

Through the south of Kyoto runs the Kizu River.
It is in the rich natural environment along the Kizu water system that Izumi is made.
Made from select natural materials and woven with ancient Japanese textile techniques,
these original wallpapers are sure to add a richness of expression to your modern lifestyle.

Wood Veneer Story

Japanese paulownia has a high-quality luster. We will also deliver the thoughts of the craftsmen who took the time and effort to create it.


Glass Beads  Story

Made from natural and recycled materials, our Wallcoverings bring a unique feel that are seen through their texture, luster and depth. Their various expressions can be seen in the luster given off when combined with lighting. One can also witness the shadowing and transition.


Basho thread is tough and glossy, and each fiber has a different thickness, so a random striped pattern stands out, and you can feel the taste of natural fibers. Because it is a work of art created by nature, it is a cloth that you will never get tired of, no matter how many times you look at it.


Hand Screen Printing

With the flood of things from the 21st century and the wave of digitalization and automation, Since the end of the war, analog hand-printing, which seems to have stopped the time, has been used. We manually handle items that cannot be automated in modern times.

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