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Materials constitute the most important element of textiles. Carefully selecting materials of the highest quality, and subjecting them to only the bare minimum of processing so that the inherent qualities of the materials are not diminished…therein lies the essence of Japanese culture.



The best elements of a culture arise from the abundant interplay between people and nature. The rich climate of the Kizu River and the rich heritage of textiles developed and refined over many centuries to suit people’ s needs and lifestyles … these things are still being passed down from generation to generation.



Textile design begins as a dialogue with the materials. One must have an intimate knowledge of the characteristics of each material used and be able to combine various techniques to bring out their inherent charm. In this way, we do not make designs, but rather engender them.



The history of Japanese textiles goes back to the making of mosquito nets. Our ideal is to be successors to techniques that have always been around but at the same time explore new possibilities for interiors. True traditions never fail to evolve.


Textile Wallpaper

Our textile wallpapers are rich in color and texture,
and softly catch the sunlight and indoor lighting.
Spinning the threads, dyeing them,
and weaving them into clot―by altering how those processes are combined,
the possible looks that can be achieved are limitless.
These wallpapers will envelop your room with the authentic texture
and warmth made possible by the confluence
of the right people, techniques, and materials.

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